Bitcoin’s breakout is bad news for PC enthusiasts


Bitcoin’s price has now surpassed $ 35,000, the highest ever. This makes the demand for graphics cards, especially NVIDIA’s latest 30-series RTX series, increased strongly, and the already rare stock is even harder to find. According to Forbes, the crypto craze has caused GPU prices to increase significantly.

In its statement on graphics card and motherboard products, Asus said it would increase the MSRP of early 2021 because of the increase in production, operating costs, logistics operations, and import duties. The company said it was working with suppliers and partners to minimize the increase, and announced that other products could also increase in price in the first quarter.

In a nutshell, graphics cards will see a significant price hike ahead of Bitcoin’s record and import duties on goods from China – a tax that’s not yet high enough to force companies to shift production back to the US.

According to Forbes, product prices will increase by 7-25%, plus companies are trying to reduce costs even though the supply is very rare for users.

The new increase makes PC fans, especially gaming PCs, struggle when the current price of a high-end graphics card (from the RTX 3090) has reached about $ 2,000.

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