The Galaxy S21 is disappointing because it does not include a charger, a headset and does not support memory cards


Not only sold without the charger and earphones, the Galaxy S21 series also makes many people feel disappointed because it does not support external memory card slot.

Samsung has officially launched a series of high-end smartphones Galaxy S21 at a special event taking place on January 14. Besides the upgrades in design and configuration, a notable change on this series is that all 3 versions of Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra do not support external memory card slot.

The reason given by Samsung for the decision to cut the external memory card slot on the Galaxy S21 series is because “feels no longer needed”. A Samsung representative said that the price difference between the 128GB and 256GB versions of Galaxy S21 / S21 + is not significant, so users can easily upgrade to 256GB memory version to have storage capacity. More comfortable storage.

However, the lack of expansion memory card slot on Galaxy S21 has also made many users disappointed, because for a long time, the external memory slot to expand storage capacity has been considered an advantage. of smartphones running Android compared to Apple’s iPhone, so the removal of the external memory card slot made the Galaxy S21 lose its advantage over the iPhone.

Sharing feelings on major technology forums, many users said that they still want to use external memory cards to expand storage capacity on smartphones, rather than using online storage services outside. In addition, many people believe that the minimum 128GB memory capacity on the Galaxy S21 is not enough to use, especially when this smartphone supports 8K video recording, which will consume a lot of memory capacity.

Many other users said that not being equipped with an external memory card will cause them to give up the memory card they are using on older smartphones, in case of upgrading to Galaxy S21, this will also affect. to decide to upgrade to their new product.

Samsung sells Galaxy S21 without charger and earphones

The reason given by Samsung to explain its decision is to “protect the environment” by encouraging users to take advantage of old accessories, instead of selling new accessories with products.

The decision to cut accessories on the Galaxy S21 series has made many users feel dissatisfied, even indignant, when Samsung has previously criticized Apple for cutting accessories on the iPhone 12 series, but now it does exactly what Apple did.

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