Windows 10 computer with a compact smartphone-like design


With a compact design that can fit into the pocket of your pants like a smartphone, GPD Win 3 is a Windows 10 computer with a powerful configuration.

Technology company GPD (based in Shenzhen, China) is known for specializing in developing laptops running Windows with compact design. Recently, the company has just released its product model, called GPD Win 3. The product uses Windows 10 operating system and is aimed at gamers, with a compact design like a game machine. Handheld game, but equipped inside a very powerful configuration.

GPD has a large 5.5-inch touch screen with HD resolution, with a sliding design, which when sliding the screen upwards will reveal the physical QWERTY keyboard below. This physical keyboard also functions like a touchpad on a laptop so that users can hover and control the mouse pointer on the screen.

The two sides of the screen are arranged with joystick for users to use when playing games. The back of the machine has 2 control buttons that the user can set to use for different functions when playing games. The fingerprint sensor is also located in the edge of the screen.

Inside the product is Intel’s latest 11th-generation Core i5 processor (with 4 cores and 8 threads), accompanied by a new generation Intel Xe graphics processor. If desired, users can choose a version with higher-end and more powerful Core i7 processor. Both versions will have 16GB of RAM (standard LPDDR4), hard drive storage 1TB SSD. With this powerful configuration, GPD Win 3 can smoothly run many heavy games such as GTA V, Monster Hunter World, Battlefield … with the highest graphics settings.

The product is also equipped with a ventilation fan and 2 heat pipes inside to help handle the problem of increasing temperatures during continuous gaming. The product is integrated with a microSD card reader, traditional 3.5mm phone jack, USB-C port … The product’s battery capacity is not announced, as GPD says it can be used for 2 to 3 hours if play heavy games and 6 to 8 hours for moderate tasks, up to 11 hours for light tasks.

GPD Win 3 is currently a crowdfunding product for development and is expected to be sold for $ 799 for the Core i5 version and $ 899 for the Core i7 chip.

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